Services Offered

I offer the following services directly:

  • Music composition
  • Sound effects
  • Soundscapes / ambience
  • Technical consultation
  • Conversion or arrangement of existing properties


It's not what you know...

I am connected with voiceover artists, orchestrators and conductors, and session studios, so I can satisfy any audio needs, large or small.

Frequently, I work with other composers who want to avoid the complicated, arcane toolsets of handheld devices. I can't blame them. But I can optimize and arrange their music artfully, instead of butchering it as programmatic conversions tend to do (midi-to-mod, for example, sends a chill up my spine). Just ask up-and-coming LA composer Chad Seiter, with whom I've teamed up on a half-dozen projects. His music, my lo-fi magic, one happy client.

So if you're a composer, and have no idea how you're going to put your music on, say, a DS.. Drop me a line and let's work together.


Indie Developers, Read this!

From my demo reel, you might think I'm only aiming at large console and PC titles, with appropriately large budgets.

Nope! I'm a huge fan and supporter of independent games. Without publisher backing, it's nearly impossible to afford "A-list" composers and sound designers, but I can give you that crazy-high quality at highly negotiable rates. To me, your passion matters more than your budget - I want to work with driven people who see their excellent games through to completion, whether your company headquarters is a skyscraper or a bedroom.

I do this because it fuels my love for gaming, allows me to make friends with some really awesome people, and it's just plain fun. I find also that my sense of humor often lends itself well to light-hearted casual and indie games.

So if you're a small studio, please contact me and we can at least be in touch, if not work together. If I'm too busy, I have a ton of friends who can do a great job too.


Further info

Delivery can be in any format including 8khz~96khz, 8bit~24bit audio, Surround mixes, digital tracked modules (XM/S3M/IT/MOD), General MIDI, DirectMusic + DLS, or binaries for use with proprietary music drivers. I tailor my recording strategy very carefully to each platform's limitations, instead of taking the "lowest-common-denominator" approach that is unfortunately common in multi-platform ports.

For quotes or availability inquiries, please contact me via E-Mail. If you have an urgent need, please include "game music" in the e-mail's subject line, and I'll respond quickly!