Demo Tracks

Long ago, frustrated by my inability to find an epic fantasy role-playing game to score, I made up my own and wrote a complete soundtrack for it. People noticed and listened, and this fake soundtrack - which I named "Forgotten Tides" - practically launched my career. While it's an unusual demo reel, it demonstrates my passion-bordering-on-insanity better than generic tracks could.

I've expanded on the concept here, and imagined a bunch of games in popular genres. Pick whichever interests you, and read the summary as you listen for the best experience. I study many more styles than you see here, so if you want Azerbaijani folktunes or happy hardcore, no problem!

- Futuristic FPS - Guns blazing, robots invading!
- Military FPS - You play as the Russians!
- Gangsta Action - Something to do with stealing cars and shooting people!
- Kids' Platformer - A happy run'n'jump'n'collect game for all ages!
- Space Shooter - A devilishly hard epic shoot'em'up!
- Casual Puzzler - Casual Games are all the rage - and I can make them sound great!
- Detective Drama - A film noir detective story set in the 40s
- Ancient Adventure - Egypt has never sounded this hot!
- 70s Crime Thriller - There are not enough 70s blaxploitation games! Please make some!
- Dance Game - Get in shape with leg-busting dance moves!

(coming soon: Big strong choir lyrics in "Batallion", a few remasters, a few new tracks! And Forgotten Tides 3!)

[Lightblade - Futuristic FPS]


Your research base has been overrun by a horde of alien timegate slipstream gene-enhanced psionic scourge warriors, and YOU, Special Unit 1Z-X57, the result of a brand new gene-splicing enhancement program, must destroy them ALL including their formidable queen, X'rlyzqor, single-handedly using an arsenal of unbelievably dazzling nano-weaponry and martial arts skills. Lock friends and strangers in battle with our grisly Deathmatch mode.

Title Theme | Icescape Area | Sub-Boss | Cavern Exploration | Ambushed

[Battalion of Glory - Military FPS]


The Motherland is calling! The Germans foolishly believe that our glorious Red Army will surrender easily, but we have plenty of surprises waiting for them, including our top secret research project, Operation Zangief Genesis! Fight off hordes of Nazi soldiers in realistic first-person combat and command your tactical group all the way to victory! In Soviet Russia, this game beats YOU!

Title Screen (slow intro) | Retreat!!! | Victory!! (coming soon)

[Lords of South Central - Gangsta Action]


Nobody ever said life in the ghetto was easy. The only way to rise up and make a name for yourself is by force. In this true-to-life gangsta crime simulation, you can witness firsthand the gritty, drug-infested underbelly of the City of Angels. Rub out your enemies, snort coke off of prostitutes, and drive cars through elementary schools - anything goes as you claw your way to top.

Title Theme | The City at Night

[Hubert and the Fig Tree - Children's Game]


Uh-Oh! Hubert the Alligator has a problem. His family has decided to live a vegan lifestyle! Over his protests, little Hubert is sent off to gather fruits and veggies for his family's big cruelty-free Thanksgiving dinner! Along the way he'll run into animals whom he once would have hunted, but whose trust he must now earn through tedious fetch-the-item missions if he wants to learn how to climb trees and pick the best fruits!

Story Mode Introduction | Stage 1 - Good Morning Hubert!

[Project Alpha Scion - Space Shooter]


It is in 2395. You are last fighter from ADVANCE CARRIER GROUP DELTA. Your comrade have all been defeated by the sinister galaxy invaders Balagar Corp. If you strive to the rebuild society, you make you travel past many worlds and stop this evil fiend his plans! Let's make avengement!!

Arcade Mode - Stage 1 | Fire Level | Boss

[Glorp - Casual Puzzler]


In the world of Glorp, up is down, down is right, left is forward, and blue is orange. A brand new, gorgeous casual puzzle game from the creators of the smash hit Zeep. Your reflexes, memory, and patience will be put to the ultimate test. For a limited time, with the purchase of Glorp, you will receive a FREE* Glorp keychain, which glows in the dark and possesses rudimentary sentience!

Rainbow Love Zone | Wireframe Zone | Retro Zone

[Dick Danger, PI - Detective / Noir]


She blazed into the room like a fire in a town made of matchsticks. Her figure was an infinity symbol, curves knowing no bounds. "Dick," she drawled wearily, "I need your help." Sure, everyone did. I set down my hooch flask. Like a jigsaw she wound her way to the point. "My husband, he.. he left me this note yesterday....." She uncrumpled a wad of paper before my bloodshot eyes and I squinted through the haze. And that's when I saw it, one sinister, heartless phrase, a phrase that would put ice in any good man's veins: "LOL PWNED".

Step Into My Office.. | Back Alley Exploration | Dick Gets the What-for (coming soon!)

[Rise of the Agronox - Ancient Adventure]


Your father, the King, has been murdered - you must regain the crown from your evil pretender step-half-cousin, who cast you out into the desert with nothing but a staff that can cleave through the fabric of spacetime. You must journey to faraway lands, gathering relics and the support of those who believe in your true ascendancy. Explore huge environments and an epic storyline. (Rated M for hidden unlockable breast scene)

Title Theme | Armies Battle | Victory Fanfare

[Magnum Jenkins - 70s Crime Thriller]


You are one bad mother. You've got a reputation, among folks in high places, as someone not to be messed with. Well, there's this one cat, Menudo Valdez, ain't heard about your reputation. He's got some kilos coming into the port of Miami in 48 hours, and it doesn't look like he wants to part with it. Just to be sure, he's taken your old lady hostage. He picked the wrong brother to mess with. He picked Agent Magnum Jenkins.

Title Theme / Credits | Driving around the City

[Burning Dance XXL - Dance Game]


Who's gonna be the next Ruler of the Dance Floor? Packed with over 700 heart-pounding tracks ranging from club anthems to super-indulgent self-referential fan-service, Burning Dance XXL is the next generation in dance games. Get ready to move your feet, because they will be ON FIRE! LITERALLY! Get ready to BURNING DANCE!

Marque El Dos - Latin Disco House | Zap! - Retro Space Rock | F.L.A.S.H.BANG - Jpop