Jake works very hard!

This is me basking in the afterglow of a 16-hour workday. A look with which anyone in the game industry is all too familiar.

I'm a fairly hardcore technical music nerd, studying classical theory alongside synthesis and programming. My obsessiveness has pushed me to do a lot of stuff in my 8+ years of freelancing, and in my hobbyist work.

I have built up a home studio with a lot of stuff in it. I can't focus unless I am surrounded by at least 6 computer monitors (you can tell from my tan). I play and record electric and acoustic guitar, bass, keyboard, bulbul tarang, kazoo, $5 chinese accordion, egg shaker, thunder tube, square wave, and whiny cocker spaniel.

I live in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois with my hot geek bride, Kristi, and my adorable Puggle puppy, Nugget. In my spare time I program new music using vintage game consoles like the NES, TurboGrafx16, and Game Boy. I'm deeply obsessed with FM Synthesis, too. Some examples of all this and much (much, much) more can be found at my personal website.

I work with C/C++, PHP, Python, Blitz, and ActionScript, do a bit of graphic and web design (this site, for example), and work on homebrew and community projects whenever I can. I founded VGMix, a place where young musicians can learn about music production and composition, as well as how to give and take criticism, through arrangements of classic game music.

Every year, I attend MAGFest, the Music and Games Festival in Virginia, where I give panel presentations on the game music industry, rock out with a live video game tribute band and fellow "chiptuners", and generally have a great time.

Here is the proof:

The Legend of Kay (Neon Studios / JoWood)
The Legend of Kay for PS2
"The music is excellent, with fully orchestrated tracks that have a distinctly Asian feel." - Gamespot
"Of course, the art style is consistently bright and invigorating, as is the charming Asian flavored music." - IGN
"...it's the music talent that really enriches the game. Orchestral work sometimes in tune to Chinese-flavor spread to different instruments, like fiddles, trumpets, and percussion. Lively motifs and downbeat ones too apply to where they're needed..." - Gaming Target
"The music in the game has a very noticeable Asian theme to it, especially at the beginning. The overall effect of this heavy Asian influence is a game that feels more like a kid's Samurai game than your typical Mario or Sonic." - Game Vortex
Juka and the Monophonic Menace (Orbital Media)
Juka and the Monophonic Menace for GBA
"As this is a title based around music a killer soundtrack is the very least you'd expect and as with the visuals, Orbital has delivered and the audio is outstanding. The real standout is the music though which is incredibly impressive especially when you consider the amount of poorly composed generic audio, which seems to accompany almost every game at the moment. Do yourself a favor and crank the volume up or, better still, get yourself some decent headphones." - DS x2
"The MIDI (sic, they're XM!) theme songs are also some of the best you'll come across for the GBA; I even found myself humming along to the feel good melodies as I travelled across the often-dull valleys." - Ace Gamez
Shantae (Wayforward / Capcom)
Shantae for Game Boy Color
"Not only that, but you may very well find yourself humming the funky Arabian-styled themes from level to level while you play." - Gamerankings
"The audio also has surprisingly high quality (just look at those tiny speakers) and the music is [reminiscent] of some sort of hip-hop belly-dancing mix and the dance mode sound effects are an excellent touch." - Games First!
"The simple music is tinny and repetitive, and the sound effects are similarly bland." - Gamespot
"Which is it , guys, tinny or high quality? It can't be both. Have another listen?" -Jake
"My pancreas!" - Gamespot