Great games need great music!

Making games is no easy task, even without crunch time. When you put everything you have into your work, you can only hope to have teammates with equal dedication.

If you outsource your music, you certainly know how hard it is to find people who are just as passionate about your project as you are. Since sound can make or break the immersive experience, it's really important to find someone who goes beyond just delivering songs, and really understands what makes games memorable.

Luckily, you've found one. As a lifelong game player, programmer, and artist, I bring professionalism, expertise, and FUN to game music, and I'm already helping to create new sources of nostalgia for future generations of gamers, fulfilling my own childhood dreams.

There are many amazingly skilled composers out there who charge fair prices and deliver on time - my advantage is that I know games on all levels, inside and out, and can write stuff that really fits, in any style you can imagine.

Please have a look around, listen to some demo tracks, and find out what I have to offer.

Latest Update: December 22, 2008

Well, what a rollercoaster of a ride THAT'S been. My freelance career definitely took off -- to the point that I almost had to turn away work! I was lucky enough to do a whole bunch of stuff with Wayforward (including Konami's CONTRA 4 (DS)! and Ubisoft (Cranium Kabookii for Wii, and "My Secret World by Imagine"). In January of 08, my friend tipped me off to an in-house opening at Volition, Inc. As a major fanboy of Red Faction, I had no choice but to apply, and now I am a full-time sound designer / composer in Champaign IL. I've just finished my work on Red Faction: Guerrilla, which is due to be out sometime next year, and I couldn't possibly be happier with life. Check my personal site, Big Lion Music, for updates and personal news. I'll continue updating this site as significant stuff happens game-industry-wise. - Jake

Previous Updates

[6/9/2007] - I'm a free agent! I've left my post as Sound Designer at Gameloft to focus on my freelance career, and I'm currently working on 6 projects, and happily accepting more! My two latest soundtracks, Ubisoft's TMNT (DS) and Surf's Up (DS/GBA), are in stores now, and I've just taken on a nextgen console "AAA" title. Rocking! - Jake

[3/11/2007] - Just got back from a fantastic week at the Game Developer's Conference. If I met you there, welcome! Make sure to bookmark the site, I'll be updating it with new music before long. I'm planning to divide the demo material into specific sections to highlight my orchestral, electronic / modern, and handheld / mobile skills separately. - Jake

[10/18/2006] - Brand new site is finished - along with 26 brand new, unreleased songs! In the future, this will be my home as a professional, while personal news and song releases - and anything else I share - will still be posted to good old Please enjoy everything, and tell everyone you know about it. - Jake